Monday, November 15, 2010

The happiest place on earth!!

At the beginning of the year, Aaron and I were talked into buying a time share through Westgate Resorts. We went up to Park City with a definite NO in mind, we just wanted a free nights stay. Well they wheeled and dealed and now we are proud owners!
We scheduled our first trip to Disney Land!! This was the kids first trip to Disney Land and everyone was super excited! We did an exchange and stayed about 20 minutes away from Anaheim at the Marriot Villas in Newport Beach. It was pretty much right on the beach, just a road between us. It was a 2 bedroom unit with a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. It had a massive tub. We had fun in the pools and hot tubs and they had an arcade room that the kids also loved. Kobe was excited to have his very own TV in his room and I think he must have watched Aliens in the Attic every night.
We found out about 2 weeks before that Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were also going to be up there the same time as we were, and in the same resort! It was pretty fun seeing them and they always made sure we were taken care of. Sunday we went to church with them. The Newport temple was just across the street from the chapel so we were lucky enough to go get our pictures taken in front. Then Grandma and Grandpa had us over for dinner. Yummy!!

I think my favorite thing that whole week was the beach. It was too cold for swimming but we loved catching all the little critters in the tide pools. Kylee was kinda scared of them so Aaron ran around in the sand with her. Kobe also loved chasing the seagulls and building sandcastles and we had fun trying to catch the lizards on the pathways.

Monday and Tuesday we went to Disney Land and California Adventure, it was awesome! The kids totally loved it and the lines weren't much of a wait. Some rides we didn't even have to get off we could just keep riding. Kobe was big enough to ride everything except Indiana Jones. I think his very favorite was Space Mountain and Tower of Terror over in California Adventure. He also love Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn. I think he road them all like 10 times. Kylee loved the Winnie the Pooh ride. We would ride it over and over again. She still talks about it. She wouldn't get her picture with anything though unless I was with her, ugh! But I did so she would have some memories. The kids loved the parades at the end of the night. We were a little disappointed that It's a small World was closed. That's the ride we talked and talked about on our drive to California. Aaron and I would annoy the kids by sing the song over and over again.
Wednesday we went to Sea World and were a little disappointed. It was fun but we paid full price for tickets and didn't think it was worth it. The shows were pretty good except Kylee was having a really rough day that day so it was hard to enjoy them. We finally got her to fall asleep during the Shamu show. We had sat at the very top of the splash zone thinking there was no way we would be splashed. Well we were wrong. Here we were enjoying the show with Kylee FINALLY asleep on Aaron's should only to be rudely awaken by becoming completely drenched. It was so sad. I do have to say though that the place we ate at was awesome. I can't remember what it was called but they served yummy Island BBQ food. Their Brisket was to die for.

Thursday we went back to Disney Land and California adventure. We totally forgot it was Veterans Day and it was CrAzY!!! Back to the 2 hr wait lines. Needless to say we didn't last all day.

Friday was back to the beach and relaxing at the resort. We had so much fun that we may make it a tradition to go every other year. California here we come!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haunted River....ooooooooOOOO!!

Yep, that's right....we went on a haunted river ride. It was kinda cute. They had spooky music going as we floated down a river that was lined with hundreds of carved pumpkins that were all lit up. Then a pirate attacked our boat and handed out candy to the kids. Kobe and Kylee loved it even though it was stink'n cold outside.

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bear Lake with the Hirschi's!!

We invited my sister Laurie and her family to come to the cabin with us again and as usual we had a total blast with them. They brought up some 4 wheelers too and so with theirs and our rhino and the ones already at the cabin we had enough for everybody to ride. The rides this time of the year were pretty crazy from the streams digging out all the trails. But that's what I love most!! All the kids did pretty good navigating their way through them. Down on the beach was way fun too! We couldn't have asked for a better time to go. Not too cold or dusty. We'll have to make this a yearly tradition guys!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She's gotta be big like Kobe!

Every night when Kobe goes to BMX racing they have whats called the BIG WHEEL race. Thats when the little kids can bring their little trikes and have their parents help them race a portion of the track before the big kid races start. They even give all the big wheel racers trophies. Now every BMX night before we leave home Kylee makes sure we have her bike too. She loves it!

She looks so tiny out there. The helmet is so huge on her head that she kinda looks like a little bobble head. She is so excited to get the trophy at the end. It's actually pretty cute driving home and both Kobe and Kylee have trophies sitting on their laps that they are so proud of.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We had so much fun at Lagoon this year. Probably because Caleb & Cami and Adam & Tricia were there too. It was fun to go during Frightmares and see all the fun Halloween stuff up already. Kylee and Kobe loved the rides. If Kobe was just a couple inches taller he could have road almost all the rides, and he would have. This kid is fearless! It stinks being short sometimes. Sorry buddy you get that from your momma!
We didn't see much of Kobe the whole day though. He spent allot of time with his cousins and his friend Josiah Zuniga who was also up there. But Kylee did convince him to take one ride with her. She sure loves her big brother.